Scomb FAQ

Can't log in to Scomb

ID & Password to log in Scomb

You can't enter the Scomb because of the line's busy.

How to submit a file from Scomb using a smartphone

Receive "Notice" by email

Receive "update notification" by email

LMS notification registration method

How to add TA as LMS admin assistant

How to add TA with Scomb

I want to use Scomb to return my final exam scores to my students

In the response of the test, the "Illegal transition was made" screen was displayed.

How can teachers conduct retest for only certain students?

I want to create a community

Professor told me that I haven't submitted the report even though I had

How to watch lesson videos during scomb maintenance

Even though the submission process was completed in Scomb, it was not submitted when checked later

Can't drag and drop when submitting files from Scomb

When you try to submit multiple files or photos in Scomb, the message "Duplicate file name" appears. and cannot be submitted.

When "Action process encountered an error" appears when submitting an assignment

I can't see Scomb's notice disappeared

Entering the correct answer in the test does not score correctly

Can't log in to Scomb in Safari on Mac OS(Even though I entered the correct password in the ADFS authentication, a blank screen appears)

I could not take a test successfully.