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We continue actions in PC rooms for reducing power consumption

Updated 2020/12/23


We decided to continue the actions in PC rooms that has acted since July 1, 2011 for reduce both of total power consumption and power consumption when peak of one.


Period to act
Sep. 23 (Sat.), 2011 ~ (Except long-term holidays) 
Contents to act
1. Actions to reduce total power consumption 
(A) Set display brightness darker.
(B) Power off displays 
(C) May close each PC rooms after the last class held in the room, in some cases of the usage ratio. 
  • Please kindly note that we may ask you to move to the other room.
2. Actions to reduce the power consumption at peak time.
(A) Open the PC rooms with self-service use in holidays and early morning.
  • We've ask you to refrain from using PC rooms at the peak of power consumption.
  • Here is the self-service use time
    Early morning : 7:00 ~ 9:00
    Holiday : 9:00 ~ 17:00

(NOTE of self-service use)

  • Therer is no support when you need like the lack of paper, system down. 
  • Switch the lights by yourself as necessary.
  • Mind your safety, and use PC rooms without any accident.

Here is the PC rooms that you can use as self-service use by each campus.

  1. In Toyosu campus 
    (1) Openning rooms in early morning
    PC room 1 ~ 6 
    (2) Openning room on holiday
    PC 実習室6
    PC room 6
  2. In Omiya Campus 
    (1) Openning rooms in early morning
    All of PC rooms at building 2 and building 5. (*1)
    (2) Openning room in holiday
    Information Processing pc Room(5151) (As usual)(*1)
  3. In Shibaura Campus 
    (1) Openning rooms in early morning
    PC rooms 1~4
    (2) Openning rooms on holiday
    PC room 3,4
(*1) You can use Information Processing pc Room(5151) as overtime use as usual.
(B) Open I/O room 24hours. (Self-service use while the door locked)
We will announce the schedules of opening PC rooms on long-term holidays sepalately.