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Sophos Anti-Virus

Updated 2021/06/25


The University (Center for Information Center) has a site license agreement with Sophos to use Sophos Anti-Virus, so you can install and use SAV on systems connected to the campus LAN (including SRAS) or off-campus with the Internet.

The service is a site license software, therefore it is not guaranted to be provided on a permanent basis.If your SIC-provided education and research account expires due to graduation or retirement, you will no longer be able to use this service.


What is Sophos Anti-Virus?

SAV is an application/software to protect computer systems (hereinafter referred to as "system") from invasion of computer viruses and other invaders (hereinafter referred to as “virus and other thread") and to remove invading viruses.

Protecting the systems you use also prevents others from being harmed, so please consider using SAV on your system as one of the overall security measures on campus.


  • SAV = Sophos Anti-Virus
    • The main software of Sophos Anti-Virus.
  • SAU = Sophos AutoUpdate
    • This program automatically updates the SAV and virus definition files via a remote server.
  • Distribution/Update Server
    • A dedicated server that distributes new SAV packages and provides updated modules and definition files for systems located on the campus network.


Target Systems

  • The systems connected to the campus LAN. (Including SRAS {wireless LAN, VPN} connection.)
  • A system that students and faculty members use for education and research purposes outside of the university.
    • HTTP connection /authentication to the SAV update server will be done when using off-campus.




 Sophos Anti-Virus Installation Guide(Windows)

 Sophos Anti-Virus Uninstallation Guide(Windows)


 Sophos Anti-Virus Install Guide(MacOS)

Sophos Anti-Virus Uninstalling Guide(MacOS)(In preparation)