Security information

2020/07/25 Beware of Emotet malware!!! (2020/07/25 Update)

2022/02/24 Cyber Security Alerts

2021/12/07 Beware of suspicious emails requesting Bitcoins.!

2021/11/25 [important]Cyber Security Alerts

2021/11/25 [Important] Request for attention regarding attacks on CMS of web servers

2021/11/11 [Important] Beware of Phishing Emails Tricking Your Email System!

2021/09/29 Beware of suspicious e-mails falsely claiming to be from a webmail system.

2021/05/20 Beware of support scams

2020/07/08 Beware of suspicious emails with attachments!

2020/04/21 Beware of phishing emails that fake webmail systems