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Mail Address

Updated 2020/10/14 


University mail address is assigned individually to every users for supporting educational research.
※You can keep using your mail address after graduation or resignation from the university.


Target persons All students, faculties and staffs
Purpose Students・Faculty members:The purpose of this servise is to use for education study.
Staff members:The purpose of this service is to use for business.
Issuance Your account and mail address are created at the same time.
  • Students
    You can keep using your Gmail of G Suite for Education after your graduation.
    However, it is not guaranteed permanent use, due to modification of service or control system of G Suite for Education, the service may stop.
    Bachelor's and master's degree account are handeled individually. You can keep using your bachelor's degree Gmail account, in case of going on to master's degree of this university.
  • Faculty members
    You can keep using your Gmail of G Suite for Education after your resignaton.
    University mail service stops at the same time as a resignation. (Please transfer to G Suite for Education, if you want to use this account after resignation.)
  • Staff members
    Your account is deactivated when you resign.



Mail Adress of The University


Mail address is written at "password notification". Besides the written mail address, you can use alias email address (shorter mail address except sic).


Students ax00000@sic.shibaura-it.ac.jp
Full-time teachers shibataro@sic.shibaura-it.ac.jp

Part-time teachers・Staff members

Last name.First name.1 letter.1 figure@sic.shibaura-it.ac.jp
Last name.First name.1 letter.1 figure@shibaura-it.ac.jp



Service of The Mail


2 types of mail service are provided by the univesity. Availability of the type is depend on the user.


Type of service G Suite for Education(Gmail) Internal mail service
About service

The host type solution provided to educational institution by Google such as mail, calendar, chat, and so on.
Different from the general Gmail, mail sending and receiving is taken place by university mail address.

Frequently Asked Questions about G Suite for Education

The mail server managed by Center for Science Information.

Able to access from WebMail(SIC Mail)or mail software.

Students ×
Faculty members
Staff members

※Gmail for Staff members is useing CludGate to access. The default mail software is used for internal mail. All access are from the office support terminal.
※CloudGate is security service to apply corporate IT policy to G Suite.

The use of CloudGate has ended from 04/01/2020. Please do the two-step verification setting of Gmail.


G Suite for Education(Gmail)


Web application provided to educational institution by Google.


Object person All students, Faculty members
Application AMI  
Capacity Unlimited
Access https://mail.google.com 

 G Suite for Education(Gmail)

 How to set Gmail sending address for part-time lecturer and staff


Internal Mail Service of University


Internal mail service is the service to send and receive mails using Web browser and mail software. Services are provided by an on-campus mail server.
※In faculty members use of "Gmail", In consideration of the case of disagreement of Gamil company policy and the concern for taking out personal information outside such as email, expanding the internal email service and selecting an email service according to your own policy become available.


Object person Faculty members
Application AMI  

The capacity of the mailbox(Mail spool) is 4GB. If the capacity is exceeded, an error email will be returned to the sender.

Off-campus access permission

If you want to use the on-campus mail service from off-campus, you need to change the off-campus access setting to "Allow" in AMI  beforehand.

This enables access without having SRAS VPN connection. On the other hand, be careful not to make the password easy, as it also increases the risk.

VPN connection

Access to the campus mail server requires SRAS VPN connection or 2-step verification.
If you have quesutions about 2 step verification passcode, please email to "goiken@sic.shibaura-it.ac.jp" .



It is a mail sending and receiving system using a web browser.



  • In Center for Science Information, "Active! Mail" is introduced to our webmail system.
    Webmail reads mail stored in a mail server and displays it in the form of a Web page. With a web browser, users do not have to install e-mail software themselves, and they can send and receive e-mail anytime and anywhere.
  • While Gmail is an off-campus mail server, Active! Mail accesses the on-campus mail server managed by Center for Science Information.
  • When using e-mail software in combination with Webmail, change the e-mail software reception protocol to "IMAP". (Please refer "2.Access using email software". )

※ There is no setting of mail software when using Webmail.

Mail software

Send and receive internal email using your chosen email software.

  • Please use the following server name and port number when accessing the internal mail server using mail software. Be sure to use SMTP authentication(※).
  • IMAP is recommended by Center for Science Information. (IMAP vs. POP)
  • By authenticating the user by the SMTP server(Mail sending server), it is possible to prevent unauthorized relay of mail and unauthorized use of the mail account.
  • If your e-mail software does not support SMTP-AUTH, you can not send e-mails off campus.
    ("SMTP-AUTH" is a method to authenticate the user when sending e-mail and to allow e-mail transmission.)
Types of servers Name of server Port number
Receiving server (IMAPS) imap.sic.shibaura-it.ac.jp 993
Receiving server (POP3S) pop.sic.shibaura-it.ac.jp 995
Sending server(SMTPS) smtp.sic.shibaura-it.ac.jp 465
  • It is necessary to change off-campus access setting to "Allow" in AMI beforehand. 
  • The capacity is 4GB. If the capacity is exceeded, you cannot recieve emails.
  • If you select POP3 as the receiving server, the mail on the server will disappear. There is an email only on the received computer. IMAP is recommended by Center for Science Information.
  • If your e-mail software does not support SMTP-AUTH, you can not send e-mails off campus.



Contact After Graduation And Resignation


After graduation or resignation, recieve suspicious email using the name of university, forget your Gmail password, want to stop using your account, please contact as follows. 


SIT Contact Post Form

Department in charge:General Affairs Department