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Assignment submission folder

Updated 2021/06/19


The assignment submission folder (share folder) is a folder created for each class subject, and is for transferring data related to the class, such as materials and reports, between the instructor in charge of the subject and the student (subject learner) It is prepared.
It can be accessed from the computer desktop of the PC lab or a computer connected to the university network (SITNET).


SRASVPN is required to access the assignment submission folder (share folder).

If you are unable to access ShareFolders after updating Windows 10, please try here.

Target persons All students, faculties and staff
Connection guide

・Connection guide
 Access from PC training room

 Access from SIC drive * 2021/03/31 End of service

 Access from personal comuputer Windows MacOS

・Other guide

 Give TA the same access as teacher 

 "Properties" "Security" tab is not displayed

 Access the assignment submission folder for pre-student and non-student students


For Omiya Campus class: \\oshare.sic.shibaura-it.ac.jp\ShareFolders
For Toyosu,Shibaura campus class: \\yshare.sic.shibaura-it.ac.jp\ShareFolders

For Omiya Campus class: smb://oshare.sic.shibaura-it.ac.jp/ShareFolders
For Toyosu Campus class:smb://yshare.sic.shibaura-it.ac.jp/ShareFolders



Details of assignment submission folder


Created date

The system automatically creates the first semester and the second semester, one week before the start of each class.
※ We can not access folder until last year.

Name of folder

"Opening school building" + "day of the week" + "time limit" + "subject name" + "-" + "unique code"
Example: Omiya Tuesday 2 period analog electronic circuit 1-1111104500

When access will be possible

Instructor: Immediately accessible after creating the assignment submission folder
Student: accessible the day after you register for the course

Folder access


Distribution folder Submission folder
Read ○ Write × Read ○ Write ○

* You can only view, delete and update files that you created yourself.
Although it is possible to create a folder, you can not delete the folder in which the file exists.




Distribution folder Submission folder

Full control ※Charge class

Full control ※Charge class

Folder access rights are assigned in groups. Related groups are also created for the assignment submission folder for each subject.

Example 1. If the “Information Processing Exercise” (subject code: 04158200) and “Shibaura Sensei” (user name: shibaura) are in charge of fiscal 2007, the following two groups are assigned to folders.

・ Group where registered students are registered: 04158200-2007
・ The group in which the instructor is registered: shibaura-04158200-2007

Example 2. When two people of "Shiba Sensei" (User Name: shiba) and "Ura Sensei" (User Name: ura) are in charge of "Information Processing Exercise" (Subject code: 04158200) in fiscal 2007, the following three groups It is assigned to a folder.

・ Group where registered students are registered: 04158200-2007
・ Group in which the instructor in charge (Mr. Shiba) is registered: shiba-04158200-2007
・ Group in which the instructor in charge (Ura Sensei) is registered: ura-04158200-2007






・ Students will be registered in the class's student group the day after they register for the course. Therefore, you can not check the assignment submission folder before or on the day of course registration.

・If you copy files for distribution etc directly from within the assignment submission folder of the previous year or another lesson subject of the current year, the file will be created with the access right of the copy source. Therefore, it is necessary not to copy the file directly in the assignment submission folder, but to copy via a place other than the assignment submission folder (desktop etc.).