2022/06/29 Adobeセミナーのご案内 (動画配信開始しました)

2022/06/22 Start of some services related to Google sites (some services require application)

2022/03/11 Upgrade from "Scomb" to "ScombZ" (for teachers)

2022/03/11 Regarding the upgrade from "Scomb" to "ScombZ" (for students)

2022/03/10 For those who will graduate or complete in the fiscal year 2021 (March 2022) (regarding use of accounts, services, etc.)

2021/12/23 About decluttering Zoom cloud recording data

2021/12/22 Discontinuation of the remote connection server

2021/12/10 Regarding the abolition of Mediasite and acceptance of video data download reservations

2021/12/08 Discontinuation of Personal Web Page Publishing Service and Launch of Google Sites as an Alternative Service