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Stop service

Updated 2022/12/01

When you graduate or retire from our university, you will not be able to use the various services of Center for Science Information that are valid only while you are at school or at work. Please backup important data etc.
For some services, It may be available under certain conditions after graduation or retirement.
Faculty members have some services that are stopped by application or return.
*If you are a part-time teacher, you can continue to use the "service" as before.






Service that uses Windows password of Science Information Center

  • PC room
  • Scomb
  • ScombZ
  • Download server
× × ×

Service that use student card

  • Print, copy, scan
  • Plotter
  • Certificate Issuer (Papyrus)
  • Campus electric lock
× × ×


  • Saved data will be deleted
  • It will not be accessible after the annual renewal process, which takes place from the middle of March to the end of March each year.
  • The same applies to graduates who enter our graduate school. Also, data is not migrated to the new account.
× × ×
AMI × × ×


× × ×

Google Workspace for Education (Google services such as Gmail)

* After July 2022, due to changes in Google's storage policy, it will be difficult to continue services requiring Google storage for graduates. As a result, the only Google-based service available to graduates will be the Gmail forwarding service.All graduates' Google Drive data will be deleted at the end of June 2022. Please back up your data to your personal account and delete unnecessary files from your Drive, Gmail, and Photos.

Please prepare your own account (@gmail.com) for necessary data including email and migrate your contents.
Please refer to the linked help page for the migration procedure.



Campus mail service

None ×

Shibaura SDP
* Shibaura SDP was discontinued in FY2022 due to the renewal of the umbrella agreement with Microsoft.

None None
Azure Dev Tools for Teaching
* It becomes available within the limits of use condition.

Adobe ELTA
*It is not available.Please uninstall it.

× × None
*It is not available.Please uninstall it.
× × ×

Category C software
*It is not available.Please uninstall it.

× × None

Category B software
*Some free software may continue to be available (please check the license information carefully).

× × None


Those applying for SITNET (faculty only)

Before retiring, please apply for the termination of the laboratory network under your control and stop the service.
*Please also submit when transferring the person in charge to a succeeding teacher.

  • SITNET change application form (If you wish to stop all rooms, please state so)
  • Submit to the Information Systems Division contact or goiken@sic.shibaura-it.ac.jp

    Application window
    In front of the elevator hall on the 6th floor of the Research Building, Toyosu Campus
    Omiya campus, 5th floor, 1st floor, North elevator hall


Person with PHS (faculty and staff only)

Before retiring, please check the following items and return them to the nearest Information Systems Section window.

  • If you have a password, unlock it
  • PHS body, box, manual, charging stand, USB cable returned
  • If the department manages a silver PHS, return it to the manager
  • Application Window
    In front of the elevator hall on the 6th floor of the Research Building, Toyosu Campus
    Omiya campus, 5th floor, 1st floor, North elevator hall



Contact After Graduation And Resignation


After graduation or resignation, recieve suspicious email using the name of university, forget your Gmail password, want to stop using your account, please contact as follows. 


SIT Contact Post Form

Department in charge:General Affairs Department