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Updated 2021/10/20

See below for inquiries to the Center for Science Information.



Please read the following before contacting us, or enter the question word in the search window below to search.


Do not call

Inquiries by phone are not answered because it is difficult to determine the symptom of the question.

on mail
Contact Us

Please read the following information, fill in the copy and paste part, and send it from the university's e-mail address.(Reference:Mail Address

① Reboot the device. Before contacting us, please make sure to reboot the malfunctioning PC to see if the problem can be solved.
② Make it easy to communicate information about defects. It will be easier to judge if you attach a screenshot image.
③ Send from your university-issued email address. Please note that we may not be able to respond to anonymous e-mails depending on their content.

④ Contact the Center for Science Information to check for errors.

For inquiries other than those from the Center for Science Information, please use the contact information on the university website.
(For inquiries that cannot be logged on to the course registration system, please contact the Academic Information Center, but for consultations about course contents after logging on, please contact the Student Affairs Division/Graduate School Division.)

 Do not include unnecessary information.

Never include passwords or other secure information in your email.

⑥ Do not demand phone support.

Even if you include your phone number, we will not be able to return your call.

⑦ Include additional information in your inquiry about Scomb

When inquiring about Scomb, please provide information such as your affiliation, name, contact information, user ID, subject, usage environment (OS name (version), browser name (version)), the date and time you used Scomb, and details of the operation you performed.

⑧ Check for additional information when inquiring about site license software

Some inquiries about site license software require additional information to be included. For more information, please refer to the respective software page.

⑨ Acknowledge that you are responsible for any response instructions you receive.

You are responsible for all work related to the resolution of problems on computers outside the control of the Media Center (personal and laboratory terminals, etc.), even if you are instructed to do so by us. The Center for Science Information cannot be held responsible for any damage to files or system malfunctions that may occur as a result of responding to inquiries. Please make sure to check the procedures for backing up files and system recovery before doing so.

Please enter the following information in the email. If not, leave blank.


Confirmed precautions: (〇 or ✕)
Student Number: (Students only)
Date and time of the problem:
Operating System:
Browser used:
Owner of the device: (individual, lab, PC lab, etc.)
Details of your inquiry:
Description of the screenshot if available:


Faculty, staff, graduates, and parents

Students (Please send from your university email address.)
※Please note that student staff will reply to the student inquiry ML.


Those who are not affiliated with the university (graduates, parents, etc.)

Please send an email to goiken@sic.shibaura-it.ac.jp.
If you are calling by phone, please use the contact information on the university website.

Online contact for students

* The online window is closed during the summer.

It is an online window for student users by the Center for Science Information student staff.

*This service is for students only.

If you have any questions about the service of the Center for Science Information or it is difficult to convey it by e-mail, please use it.

Please check "Questions (FAQ)" and "Scomb Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)" before using.

Click here for the online contact page for students.

Open time

Informational Innovation Section opening hours and location.

* Currently, with measures against new coronavirus infection, please see "About the services of the PC rooms and the counter support, against the COVID19".

  • Normal period
    Omiya Campus 9:00-21:30 (Monday-Saturday)
    Toyosu Campus 9:00-22:00 (Monday-Saturday)
    Closed on Sundays, public holidays and holidays

  • Summer period
    All campus 10: 00-20: 00 (Mon-Fri)
    Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and general holidays

  • Winter period
    Closed during New Year holidays

  • Office location
    Omiya Campus 2nd Building BF1F 5th Building 1F
    Toyosu Campus Research Building 6F

Graduation and inquiries  after retirement

If you have received a suspicious email using your university name after graduation or retirement, have forgotten your Gmail password, or have stopped using it, please contact the following. 

Shibaura Institute of Technology Online Inquiry Form

Department in charge:General Affairs Division, General Affairs Department