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Frequently used guides and links

Updated 2022/12/13

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Target persons

All students, faculties and staff


We sort information that we guess to be used frequently by user.

I want you to learn

INFOSS Information Ethics Education *SRASVPN (GlobalProtect) is required.

Learn about security, rights, and information society etiquette necessary in the Internet society through video.

  • Learn about the importance of passwords.
  • Learn about manners before sending e-mails.
  • Before submitting reports, make sure you are not using other people's copyrighted material without permission.

Introduction to Microsoft Office

Learn the basics of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, applications essential for report writing.


Links to check before class

Check before class

Before class, disconnect/connect your wifi to allow it to connect to a nearby AP. Once inside the classroom, disconnect the wifi on the phone you will not be using for class.

Links to check before testing with ScombZ

Notes on taking the test

Please check to prevent any problems during the test implementation.
(The same applies to questionnaires.)

Links to see