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Once you are inside the classroom, please disconnect and connect your Wifi to access nearby APs. If you keep connecting to distant APs, your Wifi connection will become unstable.


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2021/07/26 About the abolition of IC card authentication in Windows logon of PC classroom terminal and general classroom classroom terminalPC

2021/08/12 The network becomes unstable.

2021/07/21 About Center for Science Information window, PC room, and input/output room during the summer

Scomb news

2021/03/04 Maintenance notice (implemented on 03/24)

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2021/05/20 Beware of support scams

2020/07/25 Beware of Emotet malware!!! (2020/07/25 Update)

2020/07/08 Beware of suspicious emails with attachments!

2020/04/21 Beware of phishing emails that fake webmail systems

2020/04/19 Beware of phishing emails that fake the University Webmail system (Active! Mail)

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