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Check before class

Before class, disconnect/connect your wifi to allow it to connect to a nearby AP. Once inside the classroom, disconnect the wifi on the phone you will not be using for class.

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2022/06/22 Start of some services related to Google sites (some services require application)

2022/06/13 Note on ScombZ quizzes(For teachers)

2022/06/11 Adobeセミナーのご案内

2022/06/10 Printing problems with PDFs opened on Microsoft Edge

Scomb news

2022/06/16 ScombZ Emergency Maintenance Notice

2022/04/12 ScombZ outage (apology)

Security information

2022/02/24 Cyber Security Alerts

2020/07/25 Beware of Emotet malware!!! (2020/07/25 Update)

2021/12/07 Beware of suspicious emails requesting Bitcoins.!

2021/11/25 [important]Cyber Security Alerts

2021/11/25 [Important] Request for attention regarding attacks on CMS of web servers

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